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Lots of things, both good and bad, have happened to me this year. 365 days of adventures and misadventures. Some I have dutifully discussed here and others left unsaid.

1. I turned seventeen.
--> The second most sweet-sounding number in my list, next to eighteen. I don't know if I've grown
mature enough to even be seventeen. There are times when I feel like I'm still eleven,.sometimes even younger.

2. I've made a clear choice. And I've chosen to become a Nurse.
--> Life-changing?! I don't know. For now, I'll go along the gravel path and see where it takes me.
Surely, I'll be burning my eyebrows and sore my eyes and work my butt off for this course. But who cares?

3. I lost my one yr. old cellphone.
--> The hell with the guy who took it. I wonder why I just can't forgive and forget. Maybe because I know
that everyone has a choice. One can either do the right or wrong thing. If he really needed money, he could've just worked his ass off. Like work as a kargador in the talipapa or something. Or if he's really desperate, be a callboy or something. Or better yet, to sound less sinful..he might as well could've just collected scraps and garbage, recycled those shit..and turned it to something more useful. That way he could make himself useful, earn money and save the world. BUT NO. He chose to be the fucking lazy bad guy. He'd chosen to become the evil one. He stole my fuckin phone. BLESS HIS SOUL.

4. I've fallen in and out of love for "he who must not be named"
--> Not really in love. Those are big, italicized, boldly-emphasized words. Let's just say he'd charmed me. In ways I never imagined was possible, he has charmed me. He'd cast his spell on me and made me sick of thinking about him for about 90% of my days. Of the days that I was madly fond of him, that is. The thing is, now that the year is over and I'm spending my holidays idly, I'm starting to learn how to fight random emotional breakdowns. I hope I can just leave this shithole off my chest away with 2008. The hole is mending its way now. It grows smaller and smaller and less painful each passing day.


5. TWILIGHT: I read the books, watched the movie, and got stuck to Jacob Black.
--> The drama. I guess If I wasn't feeling this way towards Stan, I would probably not appreciate the story at all. Its the complications about the Jacob/Bella relationship that got me hooked. Somehow, I can relate to Jacob. No, not somehow. I can definitely relate to him. Not that I'm a werewolf or that I'm Quileute. Its his love for Bella..and how she loves him but that love just couldn't be enough. Oh God, I don't know.

And did I mention liking the movie too? even though it didn't apply to my expectations. The shirtless James, the hot Peter Facinelli, the adorable Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, Rosalie claiming Emmett is her monkeyman, Bella being a pathetic, whiny pig. Haha. Oh well. La la la.

6. I had a shot of tequilla and few drinks of what was it? I forgot.
--> Hell yeah. I kinda drank a few shots. Steph got a little demanding during her birthday.

7.  I, we, got a NEW car.
--> A BMW 316i. A sweet car.

8. Xia-xia died.
--> The most heartbreaking drama of 2008. I will never forget her.

9. Mom reached her menopausal stage. (this should have only been minor..)
--> The mood swings is getting into my nerves.

10. I've cut my hair.
--> When I mean CUT. It means the whole fucking thing. Earnest, indeed. See it for yourself. The biggest transformation. The most unnerving headline of the year.The thing that lolled the shit out of all the people who knew me. Surely, the 'kim with the big, wild, crazy, grungy, hair' has now decreased into 'kim with the crazy hair'. And I don't know If I made the right decision considering the aesthetic purposes. But I'm sure loving the advantage of not wearing the whole weight of the shitloads of buzzy wires in my head.


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You still on here lovely?

It's Jess
I miss you guys here at LJ


My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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