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au revoir.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that there are some things in this world that are not meant to stay forever.

Death is inevitable.
Yet it is more peaceful and easier than living.

My beloved friend, Xia-xia, has died.
I found her lifeless feline corpse in fron of Kevin's house,.under their white car. She died but nobody killed her. I'm sure of that. The tumor in her left eye might have caused the deterioration of her health. I should've seen it coming.

Where do cats go in their afterlife? Do they go to heaven or hell, too? Coz' if that's the case then Xia-xia would probably on her way to heaven's gate by now. She's probably the most adorable and sweetest cat I've ever had. I'm sure the Cat God will welcome her in their kingdom. She's a good cat. I should know.

Karen and I dug for a cozy little place Xia-xia can call her grave. The location: Karen's place.

Surely, This Christmas and New Year will guarantee a lack. This will be the first time I'll be celebrating it without Xia-xia since I got her in 99.

The truth is hard to accept. More difficult to swallow. Its hard to forget. Though I don't find it necessary to.

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