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You must immerse yourself in an unfamiliar world in order to understand your own.
- Annie, Nanny Diaries

It struck me. Am I really on the right path? coz if not, I just might experience the same
feeling of confusion and disappointment that Annie came through. Rather choosing the courses I believe would fit my abilities like International Studies or Business Trade, I chose Nursing instead. However, I knew long before that I've always wanted to be part of the health care world. I've always wanted to become a Doctor but seems to me that I will not be a good one anyway. How I wish that this decision of mine would result into a bigger realization on the latter path of its phase. The problem is, the immersion into an unfamiliar world doesn't always result into a thorough understanding of one's own world. Most of the time, it results to regret, insanity and failure. What could possibly happen to me? All I know is that, right now, there is no turning back. I need to continue what I've started. I need to learn to come out of my comfort zone. I will face this unfamiliar world alone.

The morning spelt disaster from the moment I woke up. Dizzy and can barely stand up from the scent of deep of sleep, I stumbled on the 4th step after having gone out of the bed. Turns out that Mom had left early for a friend's mom birthday party. She went with Tita Fely. Dad asked me for an early morning errand at the hardware. It was drizzling the whole time of my walk, which increased the burden of carrying some 5 kilo stuffo needed for the grinder. Imagine carrying those shitloads without having eaten breakfast and taken a bath. Bugger all. Since Mom was out, I was the one who did all the cooking and cleaning. It was not really that bad at all. I like helping my Mom. I do all the house works with all sincerity. Its just that the whole day promised me utter boredom. And I still need to return the dvd's I've rented from the mall. Take note, that I'm broke. Totally broke.

Huh. Sleepless, long nights. I would have to sleep early this evening. I don't want to wake up lightheaded again.


-There's this rumor about John Mayer dating Jennifer Aniston. Iww. John's turning into a resident hollywood "fawker"?

- Coldplay's new album excites me. I've only listened to the first single and two other tracks but I haven't really got the time to check out the other ones. And I'm lovin the album art of Viva La Vida. I missed those guys. Specially, Guy!
- Prince Caspian is hot!


Yeah boy. Nagkalat na naman kami ng lagim ni Karen sa jologs. We returned the dvd's I've rented two days ago.
Then, we checked out the booksale. Wah. Inside a random magazine, I left post-it note saying, "I bet that you look good on the dancefloor". Haha:) Hella fun. We ate popcorns while observing the people walking around the mall.
Checked out the cool CD's on the record store. Surprisingly, I saw some albums of artists that I thought wouldn't make it in the local stores, say: The Holloways, The Cinematics, Duffy, Cold War Kids and Athlete. Wow.

We went to this new bookstore at Building B and they have magazines that really got me bouncing like shit:

- Q's 21st Anniversary Issue (Limited Edition)
- Rocksound: with Ville Valo of HIM as cover
- MOJO: with Pink Floyd and Blondie cover on the other
- UNCUT: Robert Plant on the cover

dude! i'm broke! totally. HHHEEELLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!


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