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sunday. sundae.

Morning came and I still did not watch rage b'coz I slept fuckin late last night. And I slept in Mom's room which explains why I dozed off like there's no tomorrow. Haha:]

We went to St. Andrew's to hear the mass and for the first time I didn't actually felt sleepy the whole time. There was this cute little girl,in the seat in front of us, who played with me. Not to mention that there are indeed shitloads of babies inside the church. They're just all so cute I can't help but stare at them. Waahh. Babies are killing me. They're just so cute. Oh so cute.

I paid for our lunch at Inihaw's. And I hope that's enough reason to not feel guilty about me being broke right now. I totally am. The remaining money is what I used to pay off for my new umbrella-ella. Its a black one with white stripes on it. Wait, let me repeat that. Haha. White Stripes on it. Literally.
And when I say I'm broke? I really am.



  At the cashier.

my new umbrella.



Then we went window shopping. While we were in Itti, I saw Ate Anna and Andrei so I rushed to them and left Mommy. Oh my, Andrei is the sweetest kid ever. When I bent down and greeted him, he hugged me immediately. So sweet. And he's uberly cute too. Ahh. Ate Anna told me she's pregnant for 1 month and I told her that's good. Which is true. I think pregnancy is beautiful. One baby on the way again. Woo. I'm happy for her.
* I don't have MTV on the television on my room. Duh. Sucks the life out of me. Won't be able to catch the live fitss tonight.

* I finished reading "My Little Blue Dress" by Bruno Maddox. Its a funny memoir about a woman who was born on the January 1, 1900 in a far-flung area of Murberry in England. Its funny because the of the british humor used which I can't get enough of. Haha. There is a strong writer-to-reader relationship. And if you have read the novel, you will know why. Anyhoos, I'm now on the beginning part of "Go Phish". It is a biographical book by Dave Thompson about the band Phish. Woo.

* I watched Georgia Rule earlier. I cried at the end. Garrett Hedlund is hot.

P.S: Someone posted from the Strokes Community, I think its whitestroke, mentioning the Shin restauran-- the resto in L.A which is partly owned by Julian C. alongside Mark Ronson & many others. Woo. Fun.


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