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tired eyes and open books...

Finally, I was able to watch Casanova last Saturday. It made me think about Heath Ledger in heaven with angels. Young, talented, charismatic, promising and has so much to offer. 
*tear falls* 
*wipes it away*
I still have Michael Pitt though.

WHERE THE HELL IS COLDPLAY RIGHT NOW? in the studio recording a new album?

Due to increasing boredom and uninterest with the new books in my shelf, I decided to reread Olivia Goldsmith's Bad Boy. Technically, I am bored. The book is tastefully entertaining but doesn't excite nor provoke my thoughts. All the other new books I have here are either of bad book cover or a story that doesn't interests me. I think I need a trip to the booksale store, ASAP. I need good books. Any recommendations?

Anyhoos. I watched Wild Things 3 with my parents and my aunt yesterday. Even before the move started, I knew that the movie contains some explicit content. Some things I should not see, be seeing, and have seen. The movie, I suppose, was rated-18. And hell yes, I'm 17. It was pretty awkward watching those "rock n' roll" scenes when you're watching with your parents. It was the most uneasy feeling of all. The girls there were lesbians. And the girl portraying the role of Elena Sandoval was surprisingly, the filipino-irish actress Sandra McCoy. Sandra McCoy was the dirty pop girl in the N'Sync's "Pop" video. She is also engaged to Jared Padalecki of the TV series Supernatural.
I found out about her when I looked up Jared's online bio zillions of years ago when I used to fancy him. Nah, just thought about writing it here. Sandra's no big deal.


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